LATUNUNG - manufacture of brass, copper and steel products
By contacting «LATUNING», you get a professional realization of your creative idea in the creation of unique brass accents for your project design. As well as a rich selection of the best models of finished products in stock and custom.
Our projects
We realize complex solutions for your objects:
Cabinet and upholstered furniture, kitchen, parquet, wall panels, etc.
Commercial premises:
Living quarters:
Apartments, houses, baths, swimming pools, etc.
Apartment complex , Business center, Shopping center, Hotels, Restaurants, Transport hubs, etc.
Interior decoration:


Experience since 2012
Factory serial quality
Manual production
Premium grade raw material
European equipment
Team of professionals
In-house design bureau
Engineering and economic expertise
Triple quality control of finished products
Financial guarantee for all products
Stripes, profile, plinth
Products with treated ends, on which a directional grinding is applied to avoid scratches and irregularities.
Customized solutions are available on request.
Standard sheet sizes:
After that, a protective semi-matt colorless varnish is applied, which will allow for a long time to keep the product in its original form.
3000 mm (length)
700 mm (width)
1-5 mm (thickness)
Furniture and door handles
More than 1000 models of premium brass furniture and door handles are created by our craftsmen, according to the own drawings and ideas of customers.
Our own continuous production of the complete cycle allows us to realize bold projects and supply products of the highest quality.
Mirrors inlaid with brass elements are amazing and delightful. The golden shade of brass enriches a simple mirror.
Grilles and partitions
The variety of style design combines different finishes and appearance.
Brass structures - "must have" interior in the classical style, they add lightness and relevance to the interior, and brass loft partitions will become a wonderful accent.
Types of gratings:
• decorative
• convection
• ventilation
• Slot (floor and ceiling)
Own technological solutions allow to manufacture partitions of any complexity.
Stairs and staircases
The staircase is an elegant addition to the interior of premium and business class residential complexes, club houses, as well as luxury restaurants. It allows you to emphasize the status of the building and its owner’s impeccable taste.
Our experience and knowledge allow you to implement any idea you have.
Fireplaces and accessories
Brass fireplace will emphasize the individuality and elegance of the decoration. This is an original and creative solution, which gives wide opportunities for the introduction of any creative fantasies.
The modern and attractive design of brass fireplaces will perfectly fit into the interior.
Furniture fittings and racks
The brass-integrated interior exceeds all expectations.
This material allows you to create exquisite furniture: tables, stands, cabinets and much more.
We manufacture brass and stainless steel furniture to order, including your designs.
Manufacture of individual mailboxes for decoration of residential complexes and business centers.
• brass
• stainless steel
• copper
• aluminum (including brass)
Materials used to execute mailboxes:
Elevator portals
The lift opening finish with brass or stainless steel completes the interior, which immediately draws the attention of the visitor.
• brass
• stainless steel
• titanium nitride coating
Materials used for elevator portals:
All kinds of navigational elements made of metal:
• signs
• numbers
• letters
• entrance groups and entrances
• rooms in houses and apartments
• office signs
• logos
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Dzhavid Dzhafarov
Production facility:
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